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Siyi's modern orchestral masterpiece resounds with a motif that is epic, exotic, ethical, and emotional.


Sam Newsome

Saxophonist and Composer


New York-based saxophonist and composer Sam Newsome often works in the medium of solo saxophone, an approach for which he gained world-wide critical acclaim with his 2009 recording, Blue Soliloquy: Solo Works for Soprano Saxophone. This recording received a five-star review in Downbeat magazine.


Kiri Wu

Singer / Songwriter


Kiri Wu is a freelance musician at Newcastle upon Tyne, the United Kingdom. While only a newcomer to the music community, Kiri has always been a heart creator, boasting a musical development grounded in her love of soul music/R&B and Jazz music. As a freelance musician, Kiri doesn’t limit herself too much in one area and is open to various music genres, including hip-hop music, electronic music, and folk music.


Vanja Grastić

Guitarist / Producer

  • Featured in "Guitar world" magazine, issue - May 2021


I'm a professional guitarist, studio musician and composer based in Serbia. I lead a well known Serbian band called Vanya con Trios (check out youtube). Have 3 albums, hundreds of gigs and shows behind me.



Wajahat Shah Aalmi

Singer, Multy-instrumentalist

  "Onebeat Virtual 2021 Fellow"


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