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S I Y I  C H E N
Screen Composer / Guzheng Performer

Siyi Chen is a Chinese screen composer and guzheng performer based in New York. She is known for her continuous exploration of the intersection between music technology and cross-cultural music communication.

Her Chinese-jazz album, "New shidaiqu," led by Siyi and Yusi, was selected for the 2022 NYC Women's Fund. Additionally, in 2021, Siyi hosted an OST concert for the game "Hot Pot For One," which received funding from the City Artist Crops grant. Siyi's dedication extends to over 30 compositions for films, games, interactive media, and commercial music.

Her film scores have been recognized at prestigious events such as the Cleverland International Film Festival, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, IDFA, Tokyo International Short Film Festival, and London Music Video Festival. Siyi's talent and contributions have earned her acclaim in diverse artistic realms.

Additional to her contribution to media world. She is dedicated to exploring the possibilities of interaction the tradition and the technology, as well as fostering community engaments. In 2021, Siyi was selected to the Onebeat Virtual Residency, she introduced traditional Chinese instrument guzheng and Chinese music elements to the residency and delved into the possibilities of producing music with 35 musicians.

Studied under the tutelage of film orchestrator Sonny Kompanek (Three Kings, True-Grit, Twilight: Breaking Dawn), Grammy-nominated producer Tony Dofat, siyi grows as a mutual composer, songwriter, and producer around the media scoring community.



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